You may know, after Trump had that very public dinner with Romney, I speculated they did so in order to make sure nobody else could sit in on their conversation.

IMO a deal was struck to protect Mitt, and his Bain Capital; because any investigation or prosecution of Romney & Bain Capital (f8or Racketeering ) would have also led to an indictments of Trump's buddies - Goldman Sachs.

Unless somebody comes forward with proof, well never know what was discussed; which means nobody can argue my theory isn't plausible.

However, what we do know, circumstantially makes my case, for me.

A short time thereafter, I sued Trump on March 22, 2017, to block Jay Clayton and inform him of the corruption of federal prosecutor Colm Connolly.

Specioslusly, the DC Clerk of Court refused to docket the case - until After - Jay Clayton was confirmed as SEC Commissioner.

Thereafter, as records show, SEC enforcements have been cut in half; despite the fact that whistleblower filings set a new high record.

Compounding those things, Trump went. Ahead and made Colm Connolly a Judge; which is also tainted like the Cloture vote on Jay Clayton.

They had a - voice vote - to confirm Colm!

Making all of such Obstruction of Justice worse (make no mistake, thats what all this is) is Mitt Romney, after taking down Toys R Us by bankruptcy (which I warned about back in 2013) is now a United States Senator.

A criminal enterprise has infected our federal systems of justice.

And - it seems - nobody gives a F.....