Most won't believe this, despite it being plain as the nose on your face. Trump has to protect Mitt Romney, in order to protect Goldman Sachs.

As a matter of fact, Trump was sued to block Jay Clayton be head of the head but the Clerk of Court refused to put the case into the docket record (see Tweet on Trump Obstructing Justice)

No main stream reporter (including Matt Taibbi or David Sirota) are willing to tell the public the real Toys R Us "suicided" story.

Meanwhile, FBI "Special" Agents, are being instructed by former (Colm Connolly) & current federal prosecutors, such as Ellen Slights (Delaware Assistant United States Attorney who worked for Colm Connolly), to threaten a "serial whistleblower" to- back off - Or Else!

Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital ripped off Mattel, Kay Bee & eToys for more than $5 billion; and the federal prosecutor over the case, refused to prosecute the Racketeers - when Colm Connolly became partner of Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital's law firm (

When the eToys case whistleblower reported a million dollar bribe to join Romney's racketeering gangs, the DOJ helped the crooks retaliate against the whistleblower; and Colm Connolly returned to the DOJ - this time as top dog fed prosecutor - Delaware U.S. Attorney.

Now the the Delaware Assistant US Attorney (Ellen Slights) is having FBI call me and threaten me to "back off" from mentioning names - Or they will prosecute me for violations of the Electronic Spam Act

Legal theory is that my emails violate the Electronic Spam Act; because I keep emailing and Tweeting the DOJ, FBI and SEC about the crimes.

For 8 years, US Attorney Colm Connolly repeatedly refused to investigate or prosecute the crimes; despite confessions.

Colm has never disclosed he was partners with crooks.

Thousands lost billions and people died!

I know all this, because I'm Laser Steven Haas; and I've blown the whistle in the Mattel, Fingerhut, Tom Petters, Marc Dreier, Paul Traub, Kay Bee, eToys, Stage Stores & Toys R Us cases.

What can a whistleblower do, if federal agents are acting as enforcers for The Mob?

Trump got away with get Sachs/ Bain guy, Jay Clayton, to be head if the SEC; and that emboldened Trump to nominate Colm Connolly (a crooked, corrupt, Sachs & Bain Cap. crony) to become a Federal judge.

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