Federal Judges are not only required to be beyond reproach, there's also an established doctrine that their good faith can not be in question.

Concerning the history of Colm Connolly (who Trump has re-nominated to become a Delaware District Court Judge) - arguably -
there are issues of gross negligence, willful blindness and possibly duplicity.

Colm Connolly is observably guilty of many wrongs as United States Attorney, in Delaware. Including, but not limited to, failure to recuse concerning conflicts of interests relative to Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital racketeering cases that Connolly refused to investigate or prosecute - despite confessions of deliberate fraud.

A letter was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee members (as well as Seators Sanders & Warren) to enlighten the Committee on the Judiciary, of Colm Connolly's unfairness to be a federal prosecutor.