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Thread: Romney: Senate, Toys R Us Bankruptcy, SEC Data Breach

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    Romney: Senate, Toys R Us Bankruptcy, SEC Data Breach

    Back in 2012, many a reporter came to me, seeking dirt on Romney; but they did not want dirt on Bain Capital (because Bain is over a billion dollars annual, in advertising revenue).

    Now we've Mitt, Bain/Toys R Us, Senator & SEC storm.

    Most are unaware that Bain Capital is invested in EDGARS; and less aware EDGARS is a db linked to SEC.Info.

    Additionally, it was SEC.Info that assisted my proving to the media (and Obama's campaign) that Romney was lying about when he left Bain Capital.

    Though most think when Mitt left Bain, is no big deal - they are wrong - because they have no idea that the "retroactive" retirement issue is in hopes if evading ties to racketeering, mayhem and homicides (protected by visible corruption).

    Furthermore, court docket items (Smoking Guns) are vanishing from the public record (please see Delaware & SDNY cases related to Paul Traub, Stage Stores in Houston).

    Mitt can't run for Senator, as long as I'm alive; and he is starting to lose control of cash flow.

    They must hold onto Clear Channel Communications (renamed "iHeart"), to aid any hopes of Romney's 2018 sent run (to give hopes for 2020).

    The Toys R Us IPO was cancelled, in 2013, a few weeks after the NYT story "Rigging the I.P.O. Game" was published.

    What do you think would happen, if a major media outlet published these facts; which would cause the protective wall of the MNAT law firm, to collapse?

    Just sayin.....

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    Re: Romney: Senate, Toys R Us Bankruptcy, SEC Data Breach

    Mitt against ms clinton.having to go through Trump. That's funny right there. My prediction is that Trump wins in 2020

    As far as any media outlet posting anything that does not benefit them. That ain't gonna happen

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