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Press Releaseconcerning S.E.C. nominee

eToys Whistleblower Letter to Senators Mike Crapo & Sherrod Brown to denypick to head S.E.C.

Laser Haas accuses Sullivan & Cromwell law firm of aiding & abetting defrauding of eToys;
which means Trump’s nomination of Sullivan & Cromwell partner, for S.E.C., is absurd!

Los Angeles, CA, March 9, 2017: For a decade plus, armed with confessions of intentional lies
under oath, as the court appointed fiduciary over the eToys federal case, Laser Haas (“Laser the
Liquidator”), has been blowing the whistle (see WSJ “eToys investors claim conflict”), all to no avail, on a
million dollar bribe offer Glazer}] and a billion dollar plus crime spree of The Learning Company, Kay Bee, Stage Stores and eToys.
Laser reported on such to numerous agents and agencies of the Department of Justice requesting
investigation & prosecution of Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Mitt Romney, Paul Traub and the related law
firms such as Goldman Sachs/Bain Capital’s counsel of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell (“MNAT” law firm).

Racketeering Crimes Remaining Unaddressed

In 1999, MNAT assisted The Learning Company (owned by Romney & gang) to merge with Mattel,
after Goldman Sachs aided Bain Capital to be part of The Learning Company. The merger lost billions, as
fed prosecutor Colm Connolly declined to prosecute, choosing, instead, to become a venal “revolving door”
partner of MNAT. Also in 1999, Goldman Sachs took eToys public doing a stock fraud “Spinning” scheme
in excess of $600 million (see NY Times “Rigging the I.P.O. Game”).

Sullivan & Cromwell law firm visibly aided & abetted, by misfeasance & malfeasance, Goldman Sachs
to succeed in its organized criminal efforts, to defraud (and actually destroy) the eToys public company,
as part of the New York Supreme Court case of eToys v Goldman Sachs (case # 601805/2002).These
crimes remain unaddressed because another Sachs lawyer (Colm Connolly) was arranged to be the very
head federal prosecutor over GSachs & Bain Capital fraud cases of Learning Co; and eToys.

Apparently deceived about all of this, President Trump has nominated a Goldman Sachs pal, from the
Law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell, to become the next head of the Securities & Exchange Commission. This
is an irrational nomination, akin to having Frank Nitti’s buddy be top prosecutor over Al Capone cases; and
Laser Haas, seeking to stop a feeding frenzy, has sent a sworn to letter, under Penalty of Perjury, to
Banking Chairman Senator Mike Crapo and Ranking Member Senator Sherrod Brown, objecting to the
picking of the obvious fruit from the poison tree, of a Sullivan & Cromwell partner, to be head of the S.E.C.

Here's the actual Letter

Whistle Blower in the eToys Federal Fraud Cases & Detailer of DOJ Corruption
16451 Quail Run Drive
Laurel, DE 19956

March 9, 2017

The Honorable Mike Crapo
Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs
U.S. Senate
Washington, DC 20510

The Honorable Sherrod Brown
Ranking Member
Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs
U.S. Senate
Washington, DC 20510

RE: Troubling matter of intolerable Goldman Sachs buddy to head the S.E.C.

Dear Chairman Mike Crapo & Ranking Member Sherrod Brown;

The truth needs no disguise
----- the Justice Department has an intrinsic rotten apple problem, systemic & incestuous
---------------- and the Goldman Sachs collaborator pick to head the S.E.C.- will make it far worse!

Please allow me to introduce myself and apologize for bothering you? I’m most commonly known as Laser Haas (or Laser the Liquidator) whose company Collateral Logistics, Inc., (“CLI”) was the Delaware Court approved fiduciary over eToys bankruptcy case (DE Bankr. 01-706).

It is nationally significant & important to gather your attention to profuse “prosecutorial gaps”, I’ve witnessed and reported many times, to no avail, concerning Goldman Sachs benefiting from enterprising billions of dollars in material adverse, interstate, “harms” (such as Fingerhut, The Learning Company and eToys case) ripping off thousands of persons; and, one of those instances is our eToys where Sullivan & Cromwell law firm is guilty of aiding & abetting and obstructing justice.

I’m here, testifying to you, today, Under Penalty of Perjury, that Goldman Sachs, in essence, sued Goldman Sachs, and justice has been stymied in a stock & bankruptcy fraud schemes. Our eToys lost a possible billion dollar’s recompense; because Sullivan & Cromwell and another Goldman Sachs law firm of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell (“MNAT”), along with N.Y. lawyer Paul Traub (partners in Tom Petters Ponzi and fraudster March Dreier’s law firm of Dreier LLP), did many deceits.

Concerning Donald Trump's nomination of Goldman Sachs buddy to head the SEC, there's considerable evidence - clear & convincing - that such is akin to picking a Nitti cohort to be the person with authority over Al Capone cases; which I hope you Senators would certainly agree – is absurd!


Many of the culpable here, are attorneys at law, who are reprehensibly betraying their appointed clients. Such as, in 1999, Goldman Sachs took eToys public, doing a $600 million, classic pump-n-dump stock fraud "spinning" scheme" (see NYT March 2013 article "Rigging the IPO Game"). MNAT law firm lied under oath, dozens of times, in order to obstruct justice, whilst MNAT was both my and eToys Court approved counsel (matter of In re: eToys - DE Bankr. 01-706).

MNAT is still hiding the fact, to this very day, it defrauded eToys, for Kay Bee’s sake; whilst MNAT was counsel for Goldman Sachs, in Delaware, in such cases of Finova (DE Bankr. 01-705); which is germane because MNAT, Traub & Barry Gold reduced the sales prices of eToys to Kay Bee!

In 2004, MNAT was caught (by me - due to the typo of 01-705, instead of 01-706); and MNAT confessed in 2005, of its failure to disclose the Goldman Sachs conflict of interest to the eToys court.

As the perpetrators were benefiting from many bad faith acts, MNAT Traub’s partner Barry Gold, lying under oath that they were “extensive” arm’s length, (see WSJ July 2005 "eToys investors find conflict at law firm"), with MNAT, nominated Traub to be the one to sue Goldman Sachs. Paul Traub also was “control” partner of Petters Ponzi and Marc Dreier fraudster. Together, after the NY Sup Ct of Appeals granted eToys case could go forward, in 2013, Traub, MNAT and their fraudulent plant, Barry Gold, who ALL objected to eToys shareholders having counsel & committee, did pervert justice by settling the potential billion-dollar eToys case, for a paltry $7.5 million (and the stalwarts publicly argued who would get to keep what monies out of the settlement amounts).

The DE Bankruptcy Judge refused to disqualify parties (as required by law) despite fact Traub confessed deliberately lying under oath, to the court, as eToys creditors counsel who snuck in his quiet partner Barry Gold, to be eToys President/CEO (see Published OPINION October 4, 2005 )

This collusion crime is extensively heinous & egregious, because Traub asked the United States Trustee for permission to replace me, and he was forewarned not to do so, but he and MNAT still colluded to put in Barry Gold as post-bankruptcy petitioner President/CEO (see testimony of United States Trustee, paragraphs 18, 19 & 35 within the eToys case Motion to Disgorge Traub’s firm for $1.6 million ).

Sullivan & Cromwell, initially, was assisting the quest for justice, when its associate, Jeremy Bates, communicated with me, providing crucial Smoking Gun evidences proof MNAT obstructed justice by destruction

Then Sullivan & Cromwell removed Jeremy Bates, from the New York Supreme Court case of eToys (renamed ebc1) v Goldman Sachs (NY Sup Ct case 601805/2002); and the entire eToys case docket was placed under seal (until the NY Times "Rigging" article of March 2013 was published).

In the interim, Colm Connolly was partner of the MNAT law firm, from the period of time, of 1999, until August 2, 2001; and there’s Smoking Gun proof of Connolly’s hollowness, documented by permanent federal archive upon the DOJ’s very own website of Colm’s resume (at the lesser known entity of the Justice Department’s “Office of Legal Policy”).

Hence, while Goldman Sachs was suing Goldman Sachs, it was arranged for another Goldman Sachs crony (MNAT partner Colm Connolly) to become top dog federal prosecutor, in Delaware. They stymied justice, during Colm’s entire 7-year tenure, failing to disclose connections to cases, firms and persons of federal inquiry, whilst Colm’s office repeatedly declined to prosecute the obvious.

It doesn't matter if Jay Clayton is pure or not, he is a derivative fruit of the poison tree; and it is clearly, highly likely, the brazen, flagrant & blatant breaking of laws, by Goldman Sachs, will only tend to increase, if any Goldman Sachs colleague is appointed as Securities & Exchange Commissioner.

Please, Senators, for the sake of our nation’s security & welfare, you simply cannot allow the systemic & incestuous corruption insanity, of our federal systems of justice, to continue?

If the obvious racketeering criminal conspiracies are continued to be given a pass, such will only tend to embolden their assaults upon our Constitution and enterprising efforts corrupting our federal systems of justice. It will be a feeding frenzy, if this absurd pick to head SEC is confirmed!

Testified March 9, 2017 of the above statements as True & Correct – Under Penalty of Perjury!

.................................................. .................. Sincerely,
.................................................. .................. /s/ Laser Steven Haas
.................................................. .................. eToys related cases whistleblower