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Thread: Some police officers are missed when the retire

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    Some police officers are missed when the retire

    Police officers have been receiving some pretty bad press the last few years, and some of it has been mightily deserved . . . as conclusive evidence easily shows that police recruiters are not always on their A-game.

    But, for the majority of the nationís men and women in blue, the bad press does not come close to applying to them. Hereís a prime example.

    Joe Walther
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    Re: Some police officers are missed when the retire

    I'm in the police camp, I know there are some problems with a few officers but for the most part they are good people. This officer is a good example. anyone who want to see what will happen without cops or a reduced presence need only to look at Baltimore.

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    Re: Some police officers are missed when the retire

    Every profession has a share of "bad apples". Unfortunately we hold the police officers to a higher level because of the trust we need to have in them. No one wants to think their protectors could ever hurt them. Doctors, Police Officers, Clergy, Military, Teachers, Nurses and others in similar professions really stand out when one of them is discovered to be rotten.

    It isn't often that we get to hear about he good things these everyday heros do. Thanks Joe

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