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Thread: law or child welfare

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    Re: law or child welfare

    Honestly...I question your motives just by the fact that you put mom in quotation marks.

    America is an idea, but it's an idea that brings with it some baggage, like power brings responsibility. It's an idea that brings with it equality, but equality even though it's the highest calling, is the hardest to reach. The idea that anything is possible, that's one of the reasons why I'm a fan of America. - Bono, Commencement University of Pennsylvania May 17, 2004

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    Re: law or child welfare

    Quote Originally Posted by terri View Post
    Mom is in a relatively new relationship with an older man.
    She is no longer with older man she is with his son. Which is her 3rd boyfriend in a year. All of which she tells her
    7 yr old to call daddy. I have nothing against the men. I don't know them, but really neither does she. I am conserned that they will never get an education because of her unstability. Plus the oldest is tall as it is and is going to be in first grade again. I am worried she will get picked on also. I will be happy if now that her new boyfriend has a job they do stay in the same place. I just foresee her leaving there too. I guess all i can do is wait and see.

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    Re: law or child welfare

    Yeah... we can't do much about Mom's choices in men. Adults are allowed to enter into any relationship they choose, and there really aren't any rules about the kids being exposed, unless there is an abuse/neglect concern. Personally, my kids wouldn't know anyone I was dating until it's been an established relationship. Other people don't think that way or are too optimistic about EVERY new relationship, etc.

    I understand your worries about her getting picked on, too. However - and I mean this in all sincerity - it doesn't matter if she's tall, short, smart, dumb, pretty, ugly, rich, poor or from another planet. Your grandchildren are going to be picked on at school for something beyond their control because kids stink. Obviously, we don't want to give them any more ammunition, but worrying about things that are GOING TO HAPPEN isn't going to help anyone. You just have to deal with it when it does.

    Have you talked to Mom about your concerns about the kids in a gentle way? What has SHE said about them missing school?

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