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Thread: Before you go to bed tonight you may just want to check your pantry.

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    Talking Before you go to bed tonight you may just want to check your pantry.

    , Md.- Before you go to bed tonight you may just want to check your pantry.

    There may be food items you eat every day that are considered some of the grossest things out there.
    Rodale Incorporated, an Emmaus, Pennsylvania based health food magazine publisher, lists the ‘15 Grossest Things You're Eating.'
    If you love bread, popcorn, and Mountain Dew, reading the label on these items isn't enough because there are toxic chemicals in that stuff.
    What's even worse is that marketers have figured out how to keep that unappetizing information off of the label.
    If you use canned mushrooms, according to the list, the can is filled with maggots feasting on rotting foods. The Food and Drug Administration legally allows 19 maggots and 74 mites in a 3.5-ounce of mushrooms.
    Bread and baked goods also made Rodale's list. The items contain a non-essential amino acid called L-cysteine made from dissolved human hair (often from China) or duck feathers.
    "That's gross," said Kim Nechay of Salisbury, "I thought by buying whole grain that I was doing the right thing but maybe I need to look at the organic products and see what else I can do to help feed my family a little better."
    The amino acid is used as a commercial dough conditioner to improve the texture of breads and baked goods.
    "I don't eat my own hair why would I want to eat hair from China for crying out loud?" said George Stroot.
    Registered dietician, Nicole Acle said, she like some local shoppers was shocked but not surprised.
    "There is a reason why the bread stays white," Acle said, "And there is a reason why it doesn't expire and stays fresh for two weeks, they (food manufacturers) put a lot of toxic carcinogens to keep it that way."
    Some favorite snacks like popcorn also made the list.
    "I didn't know that, should I take it back in the store?" asked Virginia Snead of Millsboro as she and her husband wrapped up their grocery shopping which included a box of uncooked bagged popcorn.
    According to the publisher, an industrial non-stick chemical that falls under the perfluorinated chemical class is utilized to coat the inside of popcorn bags. A January 2012 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the chemical could damage your immune system.
    "It makes me kind of feel ill you know," said Snead, "If I knew it was that bad for us then we better stop eating that stuff."
    The list goes on to name various types of dyed candies including jellybeans that have red dyes linked to ADHA and behavioral problems in kids.
    And if you can't live without soda like Mountain Dew, the green stuff is laced with toxic flame retardant. Scientists link the chemical to memory loss and nerve disorders Follow the link to the full article. How is your appetite?

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    Re: Before you go to bed tonight you may just want to check your pantry.

    I can't stand microwaved popcorn. I heard years ago that it was horrible for you and some link to higher than usual cancer rates of workers in the microwavable popcorn packaging facilities.

    Nothing surprises me with all the Frankenfood we have out there. Even the most wholesome, simplest thing like an apple is covered in dyed wax and grown in pesticide laced orchards. There is a neighborhood near where I used to live the was built on an orchard. They are still having issues with pesticides/toxins in their well water after more than ten years ..... sad.

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