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Thread: Shoppers say mall singled them out for tats, looking 'gay'

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    Shoppers say mall singled them out for tats, looking 'gay'

    Salt Lake City's upscale City Creek Center promises that followers of the mall's Twitter feed will "stay fluent in fashion." But after a number of visitor Facebook posts that hint at discrimination, the mall may want to learn how to speak "fallout." It started when a Facebooker named Skinny Rose posted "I was in heels and my makeup was fierce...I was dressed very gender bender and they kick me out for looking too gay." Other stories followed about shoppers being asked to cover up their tattoos. The mall's "Code of Conduct" prohibits "clothing that is offensive to others," but it doesn't explain what warrants a visit from the Fashion Police or the Morality Detectives.

    This article got me to thinking about the Christiana Mall. They have done a lot to improve it and give it more of an "upscale" look. But to me a mall is a mall. You're going to have all kinds of people shop there. Granted I can't stand seeing people with half (or most) of their butts hanging out of their pants, but to me it's not my business how they want to dress. If it offends me badly enough then yes I'll say something. I have a tattoo too (on my leg). I keep it covered for work, but when it's warm enough I wear skirts and shorts to show it off. I have great legs and I love my tattoo. I'd be incredibly pissed if I was not in a work environment and I was asked to leave because of it. So I guess my question is where do you draw the line? Would it anger you to see someone asked to leave an establishment based on their attire or tattoos? To me there are places where you know a certain dress code is required or expected (like a court room ) but a mall is mall IMO. Unless someone was wearing something that body parts were clearly hanging out of they have as much of a right to shop there as I do. And hell, half the fun sometimes is people watching! lol
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    Re: Shoppers say mall singled them out for tats, looking 'gay'

    I agree mom. That's really getting Big Brother. I have a tat on my forearm which is older than most of the posters on TD. As long as necessary body parts are covered so what?

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    Re: Shoppers say mall singled them out for tats, looking 'gay'

    A mall should be happy just to have the business. Piss off enough people, and the word gets out, well there goes your reputation...and your customers.

    That said, I hate the Christiana Mall. It is just too freaking crowded now, plus they seemed to close just about every store that I used to visit there. Not to mention the traffic situation is beyond annoying. KOP Mall probably gets twice the business yet I never feel like I'm overwhelmed there and, gasp!, the traffic is actually light and free-flowing into and out of the Mall. Concord Mall is still my favorite in the area.

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